What is the Red Pill?

Blue Pill Beginnings

I had your typical childhood. Video games, TV (lots of it), sports and occasional church. I had a middle class loving family. Even if they were staunch labor supporters.

Mainstream media was considered trustworthy, Saddam Hussein was a tyrant throwing babies out of incubators and democracy was being brought to both Iraq and Kuwait. Political correctness was considered a means to keep the peace and the Girl Power trend was on the rise. I, like many of you, viewed the world through a narrow lens. My opinions were shaped by my parents, teachers, news and cartoons. It all changed when I watched a documentary at 17 that led me to go down the rabbit hole. It was Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, a documentary about the global elite, supposedly conservative Christian leaders performing a ritual to Molech. It might as well have been a literal “Red Pill”. Now with my world view shattered, I was hungry for the truth. How are we being deceived? How are we being manipulated? ….Have I even been affected?

We are being manipulated cradle to grave



What I have l learned over these 13 years is that the hardest thing to comprehend is that people would rather be asleep and take the blue pill.

The topic of the Red Pill is broad, (i) self-sufficiency, not having to rely upon another man,  (ii) economic, how markets, debt and fiat currency are used as a mechanism of control, (iii) geo-politics, how can the military industrial complex maintain a constant war state among others. But the main aspect today I wish to talk about is the dynamics between men and women.

Women are valued for their fertility, beauty and ability to be a good mother. Her SMV is highest in her 20’s.

Why Take it?

The family unit is as strong as its foundation and there is nothing more crucial to the mortar than the father. He selflessly leads his wife and his household through hard and perilous times. Strong families produce resilient communities and these go on to create a moral, prosperous society. However, the cornerstone to this relationship between men and women has been in decline since the beginning of the sexual revolution, ala   feminism, some of us may even trace it further back to suffrage, the “first” feminists. At some point in the last century, men have lost the ability to understand female nature and in turn harness it to produce nuclear families. We have traded tradition for feminism, male leadership for equality. Women can no longer respect male leadership and men no longer feel the need to save women from themselves. This loss of normal sexual dynamics has led to a systematic failure of dating and marriage. The biggest victims in this forgotten-generation are the children; lacking the skills, knowledge and examples to attain fulfillment in their own future families.


The “Red Pill” for this is to rediscover what was lost, to understand what drives women. Knowledge is double-edged, some have used this knowledge to game women for lascivious causes and others use it to create stable families that only our great-great-grandfathers once knew.

Don’t be this guy: “Hover hands”


The Dating World

The dating world is harsh. There is no equality. Nice guys don’t just finish last, but are used. Women who dance for too long find themselves left over. Men value looks, youth and fertility over all other attributes. They want the good looking curvy 20 something with long hair and feminine features. If a guy is looking to marry, they want to find someone who is suitable to be a mother. The women who hits the wall at 30 is often overlooked. Those 20 something women know their sexual marketplace value, or SMV for short. They will only settle for the alpha or the dominant male; the leader of the pack. The consequence of such a dynamic is much of these young men are caught in a trap. Their whole lives women have told them to be ‘nice’ to find love, “just be yourself” and by curtailing to every female demand, a reciprocal yearning is produced. Doing this only creates female derision and pigeon-holes them as a beta or omega. This dichotomy is not the whole story. Yes, alpha males in the dating scene are jerks. And emulating ‘bad-boys’ such as Chris Brown or Justin Beiber garners sexual reproduction success. But, is this a man’s only option? Bad boy or nice guy?


A Skewed Rating System: the 80/20 rule

This is a foundational concept in Red Pill philosophy. The Pareto Principle implies that 80% of women want to pair off with the top 20% of men. This is written into our DNA, our genetics shows us that throughout recent history, “four or five women reproduce for every one man.” (link). It is well known that women rate 80% of men below average (See 3). Not that this matters anyway. Men rate women cardinally, she’s a “7 out of 10”. While women rate men ordinally, “he’s the best guy in the room”. Your score is unimportant. It is just your relative ranking in that environment. Think of this like the TV shows, “The Bachelorette” and “the Bachelor”. Women will do anything to get that single top guy, fight, play dirty and destroy their opponents. Men, just accept their lot in life. Unfortunately, life is not a closed system. Women have a much greater range of choices thanks to modern communication. Social media has meant the average woman now receives validation and compliments throughout the day. Every swipe right, every Instagram like. Each praising comment raising her own perceived SMV. Now she demands the alpha and will not settle for second best. The average guy is now at a dramatic disadvantage. His options are now to become an Alpha, knocking down another alpha, be the beta risk taker to get female attention (i.e., jail, rehab, ISIS, far-right gang, Antifa) or give up. Forego women entirely, carrying with them only hatred.

Reproduced from “Dataclysm: Who We Are When We Think No One’s Looking”. Women rate 80% of men as below average.


ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THAT. This is a concept which took me a while to accept it. It culminated in my wife saying it point blank to me. “All women are the same, even me”. Then the trance was broken. And here I was thinking she was special. All women have the same XX pair of chromosomes. Inbuilt in this is the following traits:

  1. All women are hypergamous. If they haven’t found the best man, they are still looking.
  2. All women hate other women. Other women are competition. The sisterhood is a lie.
  3. All women are adopters not creators. Women have flooded into sectors that have already been conquered by men. The hard work has been done, ingenuity applied and now the work can be easily and effortlessly done.
  4. All women have a good girl/bad girl complex. At heart, they wanted to be treated like a Disney princess, cherished, respected and adored. Alternatively, the bad girl, the slut, knows deep down she knows she doesn’t deserve to be treated like that perfect Disney princess.

Women say they want equality, but in fact they want “50 shades of gray”. To be swept up by a young, fit respected self-made billionaire who chooses them above all other women, treats them like a princess in public, but is controlling and domineering in private.


We have all seen the consequences of the feminist revolution. Equality goes against biology and men who follow its mantra fail to live up to female desire. Women focusing on career means sacrificing fertility and in turn their fulfillment through family. Divorce already reaching record highs now has killed the concept of marriage for an entire generation; disillusioned via single mother households.  Men now without purpose, having a family and wife to support, have arrested their development, now spend their lives playing video games in perpetual adolescence, eschewing responsibility. It is no wonder male suicide is up. In the worst catch 22 of our generation, women can no longer rely on men, leading them to a life  of ‘female empowerment’ and ‘independence’ (aka dependence to the state), exacerbating the problem. It is no wonder female happiness and life fulfillment is at historic lows. It is only late in life that the tangible need for children and structured family is realized.



Women judge guys on solely respect. Can she respect you as a man or not? This happens almost instantly during the first meeting. If you fail, you will be seen as a new beta orbiter to add to her sexual gravitational pull and a source of new emotional and financial credit. Cultivating and creating this respect is difficult and a huge topic. But succinctly, it is about being confident in yourself, having resources whether materially, social or political, being presentable, in shape and smart. In effect becoming the best version of yourselves. And if these are not met, women need the guy to have a plan to achieve it. Most of all, it is passing her ‘shit tests’. After all, she is testing your capability of being her future father of her children. You must act accordingly.



We are all seeing the same data, but different men are coming up with different solutions.

  • MRA’s – Men’s rights activists seek to establish equal rights for men, equal paternity rights and government intervention into male suicide.
  • MGTOW, men going their own way, have had enough of women and want nothing more to do with them. They are the Herbivore men of Japan. They believe the world will change for them through inaction. They are wrong.
  • PUA, pick up artists, they use their understanding of female nature to use them for fun.
  • Neomasculinity, believe the goal is to become the family alpha provider, a strong male leader, and is achieved on an individual and family by family basis. They find happiness through the community and strong relationships that strong male leadership fosters.

Regardless of each of the groups, each has been labeled as ‘misogynist’ or ‘pro-rape’ which seems to indicate the presence of a co-ordinated attack against us on a very sophisticated level. Men must not be allowed to regroup in the post-feminist uprising.


In Conclusion

The red pill is about understanding the empirical truth, no matter how upsetting, uncomfortable or damaging it is. In the dating world, it is about reversing years of equality propaganda and about understanding the less talked about nature of females.

We are entering the end-phase of social decline. We must resist being part of it. Lead our wives, children, family and friends from being damaged from the effects. I don’t want to see any woman in pain and sadness in her later years asking “is it too late?”, nor do I want any man to be without purpose and ending it all. In conclusion, be the leader that women need.




About the Author:

Husband and father. Fighting for moral conservative values for the sake of my family.