The Red Pill – new dawn or flash in the pan

I saw an Australian MGTOW make the claim that the radio and music turned feminist recently. It was the word “recently” that caught my attention. I think music has been feminist my whole life.

When I was in my teens feminist music dominated the music scene. There was Hole, Sleater Kinney, Lunachicks and many more. It was a whole scene called Grrrl Riot. Beyond that Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, Breeders, Juliana Hatfield, Sheryl Crow, Bjork and Alanis Morissette were all huge musicians who, I believe, were all feminist

But when my Dad was young there was Carly Simon, Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell and Carol King.

It’s all a question of perspective. The Red Pill community sometimes talks about feminism as though “things are really bad now” or “when the current insanity is over”. Check out this blog from Roosh stating that feminism had peaked in 2010. I wonder what he thinks about that now in light of #metoo? Lena Dunham’s Girls wouldn’t even start for another 2 years when he wrote that piece.

I’ve heard Karen Straughan say that feminism will never go away and I think we’d be best advised to listen to her on this. I see no benefit is acting like this is all going to blow over soon. We might as well get on with our lives as though this is how it is now and learn to live with it.

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I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.
  • CR199

    True that feminism will never go away. Karen Straguhan’s said once that the analogy of the pendulum was wrong (don’t remember if she was referrring to feminism specifically or something else generally). She said the pendulum idea of a natural swing from one end to the other was incorrect, but rather that there was an ever-present tendency towards self-destruction (such as we see in feminism): she called it an ‘engine’. She said men were needed constantly and forever to hold back this engine of self-destruction. Now that men have been silenced/destroyed, the engine is moving forward unhindered.

  • A. Petros

    Definitely, feminism is just part of female nature and the ones exhibiting the most rebellious nature have been called various names throughout history.

    I reckon Eve was the first feminist, the first women that wanted to obtain Godhood but only through disobedience to God. They were the ’empowered’ witches of the 16th and 17th centuries (there is a close link between the feminists of today and wiccans/witchcraft). The suffragettes of the late 19th century all the way to the 3rd wave feminists of today. I would say we are not at the third wave, but probably the three-hundredth wave or transformation to disguise female nature as a social movement.