The culture of stupidity


Stupidification / ‘stju:pIdi:fi:keIs@n’ / verb1 the act of rendering complex facts so simply they lose meaning 2 the trivialising of complex facts to increase their popularity 3 the progressive lowering of standards to suit a lowest common denominator –


This is how to become stupid:

  • Stop making any effort to understand things for what they are. Most things are too complex anyway, so try to find a simplified summary somewhere, Google it!
  • If it still too hard, forget it altogether, who has time to think nowadays anyway? If it was anything important someone else will look after it, right? Try to read what Oprah thinks about it, or even better the Kardashians!, they’re famous so they would know.
  • Everything is changing all the time, no one has the answers to anything anymore, so just notice what you are “feeling”, surely your emotions are a better indication than hard –difficult to understand – evidence.
  • Always believe the opinion of the masses, the wisdom of the people!, and this should always be consistent with the most simple interpretation. So why should we try to understand the history of the conflict in Korea? Obviously is just another of Trump’s tantrums
  • Don’t ever offend anyone but be ready to be offended constantly. Pay attention to anything that may trigger you


You don’t need to be a scientist or an enlightened philosopher to realise that our culture is quickly becoming a culture of stupidity; some people would argue that it is in fact already lost.

Hordes of infectious automatons are constantly spreading the gospel of intellectual degradation under the banners of equality, diversity and pluralism. We may actually start by clarifying that these are complex concepts with multiple layers better analysed independently, and in every case the actual meaning and reach of these concepts has been manipulated and distorted.

Our culture is suffering the full impact of what Alvin Toffler described as being “the future shock”, being so overwhelmed by information people stop thinking and just go with the flow. If you take the time to think you might miss on something, you better don’t think or you might miss on the latest facebook update, the latest antic of your favourite “celebrity” or the latest like on your Instagram.

But the concept of stupidification is not only related to information and technology advancement, but also to degradation in values. Values have become disposable, as much as relationships, careers, jobs and disturbingly even children. The only criteria to guide your behaviour is how you feel. Your “feelings” will guide you to the truth! This leads to a process of de-humanization, we have forsaken our capacity to think, to assess circumstances objectively. We struggle to dismiss our “feelings” even when they don’t align with a rational evaluation of our options.

The effects of this tendency of being are to remain in an artificial comfort zone in which any challenge to our contentment is rejected or seen with suspicion at best. We react by being “triggered” and offended and if that happens we will react violently and start crying, knowing that we will be comforted by so many other self-righteous, well-meaning and inclusive people.

This is the culture of self-centeredness, a way of being that prevents us from aspiring to be better, that demands to conform to the mind numbingly rhetoric of our media and that if in doubt we seek our emotions as the ultimate evidence of truth.

We need to recover the human spirit in its true greatness, the one that constructed our civilisation over innumerable perils, the one that demanded self-control, discipline and self-denial. In our current culture, talking about virtues is insulting, but virtues are what we need to find our north again. We have lost direction when we started looking to ourselves instead than looking outward and follow established truths.




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