The Rise and Fall of Rome, A Brief History – Part 1

  The Roman Empire officially came to life with the ending of the Roman Republic in 27 BC. This gave birth to one of the most influential empires the world will ever see. During its peak the Roman Empire spanned the entire Mediterranean. Reaching as high as Hadrian’s Wall in northern England, across to the

Jordan B Peterson’s ideas for conservatism

Cometh the moment... cometh Jordan B Peterson One of my new hero's in the world is Jordan B Peterson. I've been following his work since he emerged to fight the anti-discrimination legislation that was being put forth (and has since been passed into law) in Canada. He recently made a video on what conservatives can

All about self-improvement

Physical Discipline A fundamental aspect of the red pill is self-improvement. This extends to all areas of a man’s life: improving the body, mind, spirit, knowledge, wisdom, social skills, family and society. Many men have come to understand the red pill at a superficial level: they read the manosphere blogs and realise everything they’ve been