The Red Pill

Incels, MGTOW and the rest

A recent mass murder has been attributed to a member of the Incel community. I'd never heard of Incels until about 6 weeks ago when I read an article regarding making astute financial investments based on the rise of Incels (buying shares in trashy romance novels, Japanese sex robots and porn websites). All the articles

Hypergamy: The story so far…

Genetic Proof of Historical Polygamy In September 2014, a study found what many anthropologists and The Red Pill already assumed to be true, that humanity has had more mothers than fathers. The methodology used to arrive at this conclusion was to compare the variances within the genes within the Y chromosome (passed down to boys by their

Why do we lose wisdom?

Why do we lose wisdom and make the same mistakes over and over again? It's a big question but I think I can throw some light on it. Truth of right action We crave truth of action. When one acts truly one acts without regret or risk of shame or guilt. One way of looking

What is the ‘Shit Test’?

This article is a rehash of a subject already well and truly covered by the red pill. But for the purposes of building some kind of corpus of knowledge on this website for the benefit of men in Perth, I’m publishing this article nevertheless. Some of this material is purloined from The Way of the

The Red Pill: Mechanisms – part 3

Intro This is the final article on the mechanisms of one of The Red Pill's biggest theories. Now we see that the system described is destined to systemically turn men into toxic masculinity. The Net Position The table below demonstrates that men's prospects in the relationship marketplace are bleak. Most men that enter the relationship