A response to a great Australian author and some chick on twitter


Two things that have happened this morning. The first is I saw the tweet that forms the image at the top of this blog. Please pay attention to the nearly 115,000 likes/retweets it got. As a boy I never had to contend with this type of large scale shaming of my identity for the whole internet to see. This tweet is abusive to a very important part of a young male’s masculinity and it is no accident that it is a young man’s capacity to achieve female approval that is used to abuse them. Even worse, this tweet has received massive support from the wider internet community. I could not find one instance of it being condemned. I know that if it was condemned the condemor would be doxed, swatted and abused by almost 115,000 trolls. This tweet happens during an age when any man that even mentions that a female was sexually unsatisfactory he would be be publicly and systemically condemned by mainstream media everywhere. To contradict a women online is to mansplain and bully. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to attempt to be sexually acceptable in 2018 (male or female for that matter) when the status quo is that all white dudes prematurely ejaculate and have mother issues and it’s funny to tease them for it and they are bullying if they disagree publicly.

The particularly potent thing about this is that by virtue of the medium (social media) and the person who said it (attractive teenage female who posts nude selfies) it is definitely going to impact on boys and young men before they have the maturity to deal with it. What I really cringe at in the photo is the young men who are apologizing to the tweeter for their failings and playing along with this public humiliation. Why don’t they NOT reply to it?! You can’t stop the girl from tweeting but you can at least leave your name out of it. I presume they think they will be more attractive to women or the SJW community if they confess, repent and attone for an imagined crime. A crime for which the blame is laid at the feet of an entire identity (white dudes) so no one individual can plead not guilty but all women can join the witch hunt and claim to be a victim of. They remind me of the crazies who falsely confess to being a serial killer just for the attention. At the time these young men think they are being funny or maybe adorable (maybe disarming??). Really they are naive fools who throw their brothers under the wheel of the bus and support a false narrative with their fake confessions.

Tim Winton

The second thing that I saw this morning was an article written by Tim Winton (a famous Perth based author). From that article:

“Too often, in my experience, the ways of men to boys lack all conviction, they lack a sense of responsibility and gravity. And I think they lack the solidity and coherence of tradition. Sadly, modernity has failed to replace traditional codes with anything explicit, or coherent or benign. We’re left with values that are residual, fuzzy, accidental or sniggeringly conspiratorial. We’ve scraped our culture bare of ritual pathways to adulthood. There are lots of reasons for having clear-felled and burnt our own traditions since the 1960s, and some of them are very good reasons. But I’m not sure what we’ve replaced them with. We’ve left our young people to fend for themselves.”

Followed by:

“When you’re bred for mastery, when you’re trained to endure and fight and suppress empathy, how do you find your way in a world that cannot be mastered? How do you live a life in which all of us must eventually surrender and come to terms? Too many men are blunt instruments. Otherwise known, I guess, as tools. Because of poor training, they’re simply not fit for purpose. Because life is not a race, it’s not a game, and it’s not a fight. Can we wean boys off machismo and misogyny? Will they ever relinquish the race, the game, the fight, and join the dance?” (Behind the Lines – The Guardian Australia)

I could not disagree with Tim Winton more here. Of course life is a game. Of course it is a fight.

I looked into Tim’s background and, based on what he says above, was not surprised to find that he met his wife at 21 and they’ve been happily married ever since. Well done to Tim, he’s done extremely well as a writer and a husband. But that fact might also be the reason he doesn’t understand that for a young man life is a race, is a game and is a fight. I think lots of baby boomers don’t understand this. The truth is, we are living through a time when the cultural divide between baby boomer men and Gen X men is massive and cannot be bridged.

What is the dating game

A game has a) rules, b) a desired outcome c) a chance of success less than 1:1. Dating is a game. For young men who are dating, life is a game.

There are rules: she gets to choose you or not.

There is a desired outcome: her affection.

There is a chance of success less than 1:1: she might not like you.

If you are more attractive, your chances of success go up. Men and boys are involved in the game for female affection. They play. They win and lose but they always want to win. Some men are good at the game, they succeed. Some men are bad at the game, they are lonely and sad. Dating is very important to boys and men.

Men are shackled by what is considered attractive to a female you are trying to date. It is a race and it is a game. Bring unattractive isn’t an option that allows success within the game. To say anything else is to deny that females have the right to chose us. Men might not be “bred” for mastery but we are involved in a game where last place sucks and first place rules. And while the world cannot be mastered, the game can be. Lots of men manage to master the game of dating. They are “tools” and they are very good at their single purpose lives.

What is the marriage game

Marriage is a game.

There are rules: you can try and keep her respect but she can stay or leave for any reason she chooses.

There is a desired outcome: To stay with her.

There is a chance of success less than 1:1: Sometimes she leaves you.

Getting up every morning and keeping her respect is the best thing you can do. But sometimes the economy crashes and you lose your job. Sometimes you get sick and stay bedridden for months. Sometimes she meets someone she likes a lot more than you. But if you play the game well enough, she might stay.

Men are shackled by what our wives respect about us. It is a race and it is a game. To say anything else is to deny that our wives can leave us when they want.

Twitter again

Go back to that picture above. Boys are involved in a fight that Tim and are never were. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure girls are too. But his article is about boys and men.) I don’t know how I’d grow up as a ‘white dude’ if I there was an attempt to shame my sexual abilities before I even gave it my first shot. At 16ish, I suppose I’d get defensive and fire back. When firing back got me kicked off twitter I suppose I’d go underground to the red pill communities and find brothers there. There brothers will teach them how to fight back and expose the failings of women so that young men have to ammunition to fire back with. Welcome to the gender wars. Personally, given this tweet I don’t begrudge young men from enlisting.

These men that are confessing, repenting and atoning in the replies to the tweet are an externality of the dating game. They are the omega males and we have to see them at the same time we see Tim’s ‘misogynist males’ as they are two sides of the same coin. I would imagine most people would find the toxic males and these omega male equally hard to explain. The thing is, they are both toxic in their own way and both produced by the dating game. We’ll know when we’ve fix the ‘misogynist male’ problem because these omega males are no longer publicly self flagellating via twitter.

Traditions lost

I also disagree with the idea that modernity has not replaced masculine rites of passage or traditional codes. If you listen to Arctic Monkeys’ first album or Blink 182’s Dammit, watch The Inbetweeners or American Pie or spend 5 minutes watching a MGTOW or Red Pill youtube video, you’ll see exactly what the new rites of passages and masculine codes are. Whatever they are, be sure that they involve how to succeed within the game.

Tim’s from my city and if he was my age he’s remember that the Hippy Club was the meat market, Taipan Room was where you met heavy metal chicks, Freo was good for meeting Italian girls (Metro’s <23 y.o., The Clink for >23 y.o.). Asian girls could be met at The Church or Metro’s City. He’d remember Saturdays as a haircut at 3pm, new skin tight T-Shirt from Live at about 3:30. bi’s and tri’s at the gym at 3:45pm, mates turn up at 6pm and aim to catch a taxi into Northbridge for 10:00pm. Jugs at Novak’s and then onto Paramount. It was all a right of passage and it was never a dance. It was a race against the other men and game that we played every weekend. For those that couldn’t win there was just loneliness and the label of ‘looser’. And just when you think you exited the dating game, you just entered the marriage game and you play all over again.

So what’s my point?

Everyone that is involved in a game is changed by it. The rules of the game must be followed if you are to win. Someone in a running race becomes faster whilst a gambler becomes a master of probability and human reactions. Practicing a good strategy within the game changes your character. Baby boomer men did not play the dating game in the way we Gen X,Y and later model men did. Their character was not altered by the game like ours was. They didn’t pass through our rites of passage nor were they punished or rewarded by the rules of the game. And this leads to the million dollar question; “just how does the game change a man’s character?”

To answer that question you need to take The Red Pill and wake up. Your eyes will sting but that only because you’ve never used them before. Hundreds of thousands of men world wide know the answer and they’ve openly discussed it on red pill forums in every Western country and a few others too. Whilst I can’t tell you how the game changes a man (you have to see it for yourself) the presence of this community should at least lead you to conclude that the answer exists. I can tell you this much, the world is better off without men who are a product of this game.

The sad truth is that with every day that passes those good men become fewer and fewer. But the light on the horizon is that with every man that wakes up, our future becomes brighter and brighter.


About the Author:

I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.
  • CR199

    Not sure why the names and faces of the Twitter picture are blotted out? These people have given up their privacy and have no right to protection from us.

    • Charliedelto

      I agree. PUA’s are single purpose tools. The rites of passage prepare men to be good at game, but not much else. It is a choice for those that can’t meet women the traditional ways; be a good man but be an average frustrated chump or be a PUA but lose your moral grounding.