10 things Perth can do to stop SJW’s from taking over

They’re here…. Citizens of Perth, our time has finally come. The idiocy of the insane progressives has hit home, well kind of.

The UWA Student Guild has passed a motion to acknowledge that a visit form the Dalai Lama is offensive to Chinese nationals on campus (since when are the Chinese a bunch of precious snowflakes?). It doesn’t really mean much. Mr Lama was last here 3 years ago and is not planning to return. But I suppose it is the principle of the thing. If we let SJW’s determine who can and can’t speak based on who might get a little upset, then what next? Christians can’t speak as they offend atheists? Israeli’s can’t speak because they offend Arabs? Feminists can’t speak as they offend everyone right of Karl Marx?

So what can we do in our not-so-little city to make sure this sickness doesn’t spread.

1 Put down your phone, get off twitter and participate in the community

Your phone is a Trojan Horse, don’t trust it. One can’t make an argument in 140 characters (or even 280) and your can’t convince an anonymous troll of anything. Stop trying. But you can play tennis with a mate, have a beer afterwards and find out a lot about what this other human is thinking and experiencing.  Maybe if we freely associate with actual humans and find out what really does and doesn’t offend people we can stop make statements like “All Chinese people are always harmed by the Dalai Lama”.

2 Make sure ‘safe spaces’ don’t become echo chambers

Okay, if a women doesn’t want to go to a gym where there are men, that’s fine. I don’t care about Uni lectures where the professor warms the students that something ‘triggering’ might occur. But choosing exactly the contrived and unnatural moment when there are not Cis-White-Hetero-Normative-Bilingual-LOL-Males around to decided how the whole world works is stupid. One must come to understand the world while one is living in it, not hiding from it. And remember, you don’t have to understand every aspect of the social contract. But you do have to consider every actor within it if you are to dictate to others how society must operate.

3 Remember, men aren’t evil and women aren’t helpless

The prevailing modus operandi for SJWs, the Media and the Elites is to make all men out to be evil predators and all women out to be victims. It’s been this way since #gamergate. Actually, the villain/victim narrative has been around since forever. It is primordial and that is why we accept it so easily. But next time you hear a weak argument being made that ‘he’ is bad (without any evidence) and ‘she’ is a victim (without her consenting to the term) just think a little harder.

4 Truth matters and fairness isn’t determined by weaving narratives

Acting in good faith to determine the truth of the situation is important. There is a difference between one thing and another and it is not all just ‘relative’. If you don’t believe that ask a sufferer of peanut anaphylaxis if there is a difference between a PB and J sandwich or just a plain Jam sandwich. And just because truth matters doesn’t mean fairness doesn’t. They can co-exist. But remember that one doesn’t determine fairness but getting 5 hack “journalists” to create a “news site” full of click bait which inevitably plays to the Men = Evil, Women = Victims narrative discussed above. We determine fairness by a rigorous prosecution of the claim of unfairness using critical thinking, objectivity, reason and facts.

5 Have a good relationship with your children

Most of the SJW’s nonsense is going to come at us in the form of biased education given to our children at school. Whilst some of us might choose home schooling, most of us wont. But what we can do is make sure to speak to our children every day about what they learnt at school or heard in the quadrangle today. If we have a good enough relationship with them, we can guide and assists them in dealing with false narratives and difficult issues of justice that abound.

About the Author:

I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.