The Red Pill: Mechanisms – part 1

A Social Cataclysm

When you choose to enter a marketplace you choose to place yourself under the control of market forces. These market forces now determine what success is and isn’t. They determine what move, once made, will improve your chances of success and what move will diminish it. An invisible hand now controls market prices. Most notably, in a free marketplace the consumer always gets what he or she wants. When a marketplace is adopted to facilitate the free exchange human affection we feel liberated. But The Red Pill reveals more. It reveals a cataclysmic situation that may ultimately destroy the culture that adopts it.

Following the sexual liberation movement, humans placed themselves into a marketplace for human relationships. We decided for ourselves to let the free market determine our chances of success at having relationships. We are now at the mercy of the consumer. Our presented character must now be fashionable if we are to meet someone and have instant attraction. Behaviors must now be tailored to please the whims of another human being if we are to find love. Individuality must give any ground required of it or we might not ‘be chosen’ to receive another’s affection. Individuality must be flexible enough to hide or exaggerate attributes or miss out on another’s affection.


Dating list or shopping list?

The Men of The Red Pill

Millions of young men have been red pilled between the 1970’s and the present day. These men have understood relationship economics and have gamed the system as a trader would a stock market floor. As they have matured, they have come to understand the price of changing yourself to be in demand. Through refinement, they have perfect the art of attracting the drunk 21 year old girls in heels and halter tops. Finally, they obtained knowledge of a system that classifies men based on men’s capacity to compete within the relationship marketplace.

In the last 15 years, Red Pill men have tried to teach what we know via blogs and forums but at every turn we meet opposition. Predictably, the opposition mostly is of feminist origins and thus we return fire at feminists.  But to the truly awake Red Pill man, the ultimate architects of the opposition are not feminists.  They are the larger forces like those that control the main stream media (MSM), Hollywood and the Universities. Feminism is merely the weapon used. The hand that wields the weapon is to blame.

The System

Consider this flowchart. When one follows it through, men end up in one of either four outcomes; gay, traditional, liberal and successful or liberal and unsuccessful. If you are gay, be gay. Should you be traditional, be traditional. But if you are liberal, you enter the free and open relationship market place. Ultimately, the female must choose you, and she can ‘unchoose’ you too. If you are not what she wants, she disposes of you. When you don’t meet her fancy, she can dump you. Should a better man come along, she replaces you.

Now there is nothing inherently immoral or unnatural in her behavior. On the contrary, women should choose the best man they can. It’s completely in their short term interest as, all other things being equal, a man that makes $100,000 a year solves more problems than one that makes $50,000. So men must understand the full ramifications of being a liberal male within the marketplace for relationships. Being chosen will depend upon a) how desirable you are to the women, and b) the presence of more attractive males that she can choose over you. If you are not her best option, she will not choose you.

All too often red pill men fall into the trap of  wanting women to choose differently. A more attuned red pill man might wish that younger women made choices that served her long term interests. But the reality is there is nothing men can do to affect the choices of liberated women. The men’s rights activists that try often make it worse for everyone. They only succeed in provoking  women into a more extreme stance just to make their point. The culture wars between MRA’s and Feminists serve only to provoke outrage and enlist more fanatics who are incapable of resolving the issues.


For part one of my series it is important to come away with the following understanding:

  • Not all men exist within the free relationship marketplace
  • Not all women exist within the free relationship marketplace
  • Those people that do choose to meet their partners within a nightclub or on Tinder must accept that they are now competing for partners. Market forces now control their outcome
  • There is a strategy that men follow that will determine their rate of success at dating. What that strategy is will change the hearts and minds of millions of men. This strategy is where we will pick up in the next part of this series of articles.

The system being described is not merely a analysis of how men date. It is an analysis of the social system that is destined to produce bad men and unhappy women. It is an analysis that goes into the heart of the dynamics of the masculine and feminine and examines the nature of sexual attraction. The next article in this series will help to explain why.




About the Author:

I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.