The Red Pill: Mechanisms – part 3


This is the final article on the mechanisms of one of The Red Pill’s biggest theories. Now we see that the system described is destined to systemically turn men into toxic masculinity.

The Net Position

The table below demonstrates that men’s prospects in the relationship marketplace are bleak. Most men that enter the relationship marketplace become toxic and many have hardly any prospects that are good.

Short term prospects Long term prospects Toxic male status
Alpha/PUA Good Good Toxic
Beta waiter Bad Medium Good
Beta risk taker Bad Bad Toxic
Omega Bad Bad Toxic

The seriousness of this predicament cannot be understated. Liberal men find ourselves in a position where victory makes us toxic PUA’s. But the same system makes defeat a prospect that makes us not only unhappy but toxic to boot. To compound the problem it is simple for some men to blame this all on female choice and wish for the days before female liberation. Worst of all, many men deny this system altogether. They think that just being yourself and practicing the nice guy routine will see us through. They deny the marketplace and thus cannot see cataclysm on the horizon.

Even if you don’t understand the system itself, ask yourself if you don’t see the effects of it. Are we not seeing an increase in divorce from unhappy relationships? Domestic violence from Beta RT males is on the rise. Overweight shut-in males playing World of Warcraft 24/7 is an unfortunate new phenomena. We see hyper-masculine player’s in clubs and online. These men leave a trail of single mothers in their wake and complain about paying alimony. But these same “baby-daddies” are out doing it all again next weekend. We see weak males who are down on confidence and scared of women or worse, see women as enemies. We see aggressive Beta risk takers in clubs full of threatening behavior? What can we do?

Solution A

One potential answer is to regress back to the time before sexual liberation. There are two massive failings here. Asking women to forgo their choice of man is considered immoral in all existing commentary on the matter. Secondly, human society almost never goes back to what it once was. Islam is trying to do it right now and Napoleon managed it for decade but I can’t believe that it will succeed. We must evolve forward and not lose our sense of morality in the process.

Solution B

Embrace what is called Neomasculinity. The solution to the table above is to make every man an Alpha male. Not an Alpha male of the relationship marketplace as we’ve just seen how that that plays out. Make every man an Alpha of his family. If every man becomes an Alpha male when he is early 20’s then meets a women who he marries, the system works again. It is the Alpha male’s tendency to hang around the marketplace that causes the problems. But if he leaves as soon as he has found his girl, the marketplace can function well. Think of it as a cafeteria line. As long as the line keeps moving forward, we are all happy. When the line stops, people either leave or start pushing in.

For solution B to work, several things must happen. First, the male must commit to being an Alpha for life. If he regresses to Beta status as soon as he gets married his wife will leave to go back to the marketplace to find another Alpha. Second, the males that commits to becoming Family Alphas should ignore the haters that write them off as chauvinistic. There are people that might not understand the necessity for the Family Alpha’s existence. These people need to back off and stick to what they know. There is a lot of heat from the media and from SJW’s on any guy that tries to be a traditional male for his household. It is not helping.

The Real Enemy

As I’ve alluded to several times, the real enemy is not the most obvious enemy. No matter how many times this discussion occurs, something always twists the words into a misogynist agenda. I’ve said before that men should not focus on ‘feminist bashing’. We can’t fix the system by way of changing female decision making. I said this because it’s neither helpful nor (IMO) moral. But I have also said this because we’d be missing the real enemy. There are institutions that takes a simple truth and corrupt it until it is a lie. Personally, I don’t think feminists are systemically making war on men. I think something is cherry picking certain man-hating feminist content and then promoting it far and wide. This is our real enemy. The warlord we face is not feminism per se, but seems to be the manipulator of feminism.


There is an irony in the process I’ve just described. Liberals are hell bent on reducing toxic masculinity, but the system that creates more toxic males than any other has their finger prints all over it. The free and sexually liberated female within the relationship marketplace seem to choose the PUA and thus reward him. She also seems to scorn the loser and thus he becomes depressed. In an effort to gain her attention, the Beta Risk Taker is made. I’m not saying its all her fault as we are all actors in the system and we all make our own choices. But I am saying I can see the funny side to watching something decry that which it is complicit in making.

The only feasible solution is to get the Alpha out of the marketplace. To do this his progression into family must be a healthy and happy move that he makes willingly. All efforts should be made to make the family man the positive and fulfilling experience that it once was. That is the challenge that lies before us all.

About the Author:

I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.