The Red Pill: Mechanisms – part 2

Part 2:

In part 2 of our series on the mechanisms of The Red Pill, we consider the actors within the relationship marketplace; pick up artists, young heterosexual women and beta/omega males. Then we consider the market failure within the system we’ve already discussed.

The Consumer

For straight men, the heterosexual female is the consumer in the relationship marketplace. Given the male preference for youth we’re really considering heterosexual females in their 20’s. A large market of men supply her with a choice of partners and she chooses the best one she can. So what is her idea of the best man to be in a relationship with? In year’s gone by we might have theorized the answer. But given the presence of the relationship marketplace we no longer need to. We just need to look at what is selling fast in the marketplace to know what is demand.

So what sells fast? *drum roll* The pick-up artist (PUA) sells fastest. The guy that has slick hair, easy confidence, tonnes of cash, lots of muscle and appears to control the room has a high rate of success on the dating scene. 40 years of completing in a marketplace has proven that the pickup artist guy does well when compared with other types of guys. He doesn’t always succeed in dating, and non-PUA do date too, but being more like the PUA can only help your chances of dating success.

Alphas and Pick up Artists

If you want to think of the Alpha/PUA thing of James Bond, Chris Brown, Robin Thicke, Dan Bilzerian or Robbie Williams. Notably, the PUA never set out to be the slick douche bag that most of us think he is. All he ever wanted was success with women. What he needed to look like to be successful is never up to him. It is a choice women make. In the same way that it is the consumers of TV that determine what the TV networks choose to air, it is the women within the relationship marketplace that determine his eventual character and appearance. The PUA just decides to succeed.

Beta Males

The beta males is the guy that isn’t chosen by women as a partner. She may choose to let him buy her drinks all night or drive her to and from her work, but not as a partner. For whatever reasons, he is unattractive to her by his comparison to the PUA.

The Market Failure

Type 1

There are two problems with the system. Firstly, the PUA is a total jerk. He is immoral and unreliable to be a good man. He is unlikely to be good father material and likely to leave a string of destitute baby-mamas in his wake. But the system rewards liberal men with what they want if they become the PUA. Given that we’ve established the PUA is bad, we can arrive at our first problem. The System makes bad men as a primary product.

Type 2

The second problem is that the relationship marketplace has demonstrated another empirical truth about liberal women’s preferences. They choose their men based on the rationale of ‘who is the best guy in the room and once the best guys are all gone, I’ll stop choosing’. This is logical and fair. Women would rather go home from the nightclub and get a good night’s sleep than take a chance with a Beta male. But for men, this is a problem. Based on current estimates, 80% of men in any relationship market place are considered unattractive. The bottom 80% will have little hope of forming a relationship. They will have to go home disappointed again, and again, and again.

The long term effects of this repeated disappointment are in fig 2 below. It is possible that a man that is not within the top 20% required can make himself so. But as we’ve seen this leads to the change in men’s characters toward the bad-boy PUA. Unfortunately, that is not helpful of society.  But even when he does succeed his entry into the top 20% only succeeds in ejecting another man out of it. This is true given the nature of ordinal classification. Men must compete to get into the top 20% and thus, like athletes, the competition creates newer and higher levels of excellence in being the PUA. For those that can’t be a PUA, there are other options.

Wait and hope

If you can’t be a PUA, another option is to simply wait it out. Time is on men’s side and once women age into their 30’s they have a smaller market to consume from. If a Beta male can wait until he and his future partner reach their 30’s, the odds will turn in his favour. The Beta risk takers likely won’t have lasted this long. The Omega’s will have left the scene and the Alpha’s might have gotten married by now. Of course, he might find tainted prospects as all the eligible females might be jaded divorcees with teenage kids to other men. But if he can see past this, he might find happiness after a lonely decade during his 20’s.

Omegas and Beta Risk Takers

If a man cannot make it as an Alpha, he may give up on getting into a relationship with a female altogether. This is the Omega male and there are examples of these males across many species. He is lethargic, depressed, resents women and does not play well with others. Society doesn’t work for him and so he does not feel like he should be a part of it. If the male is not so ready to leave the marketplace for good, he might try and compete by taking excessive risks. This is the Beta risk taker. Think of the lead guitarist in a heavy metal band, a drug dealer, at hired thug on steroids or a solider for ISIS. In the animal kingdom, think of the fool that tries to fight the Silverback Gorilla. The Beta risk taker knows he has to do something drastic to get some respect and he’s prepared to gamble to do so.


We are stuck in a systems that rewards PUA and punishes Beta’s and Omegas. Even worse, this system will not allow for all men to become what women want. By definition, only a minority of men can ever be the best guys in the nightclub. Next we need to get a clearer picture of the qualities of the outputs of this system and to think through some solutions.

About the Author:

I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.