Our Beast Nature


Red pill guys will be familiar with the acronym AWALT, which stands for All Women Are Like That. It means that at their core, all women are essentially the same and are driven by the same animalistic impulses – hypergamy, sluttiness, fickleness. They are ‘All Like That’. The silly beta male who says that he (of all people!) has found a special ‘snowflake’, that one-in-a-million chick who actually is better than the rest, is hel   d to be a fool. Woe betide him who says NAWALT – Not All Women Are Like That!

What is Hypergamy?

Given that this word is coming up as a typo on Microsoft Word 2010, I suppose I should define this term. Hypergamy is the tendency for a woman to seek the best possible mate, even to the point of cheating on a current mate. It holds that, at heart, there is no such thing as a faithful woman: only a woman who is waiting for someone better to come along. When he does, she jumps ship. And so on. From their hypergamous nature stems all of women’s other toxic traits: sluttiness, manipulation, flightiness, fickleness, shallowness. Loyalty is besides the point: it is thrown by the wayside in order for her to satisfy the hypergamic urge.

Why are women like this? It is in a woman’s nature to get the best possible mate in order to birth the best possible genetic offspring. This makes sense given that she’ll be carrying the child for nine months and then nurturing it for many years. So it’s critical that she has access to top notch DNA. The lion would be a great example of a beast which holds to this example, for when a male in the prime of his youth successfully kills or banishes the older male of a pride, he kills all of that male’s offspring and then mates with the pride’s lionesses. The lionesses accept this situation: why not, given that the new male has proven himself against the old? There is also another factor here which goes beyond genetics, for the new lion doesn’t necessarily have better genetics – he was just more youthful and energetic than the old lion. So from this point of view, the younger lion is not necessarily better for the lionesses because of his genetics, but because of his ability to protect the pride. In the same way, a man which triggers a woman’s hypergamic nature will exhibit more alpha-male traits than her current man: protectiveness, wealth, physical looks, power, strength etc. How exactly those traits are quantified and weighed in the depths of her psyche is anyone’s guess.

Money, sex, power…

However, this still doesn’t explain why women go after bad boys. The bad boy is the very person who will use her as a cum dumpster, treat her like crap, and leave her. It is empirically bad for her, so why do woman go for bad boys? Is it because women hate themselves? Is this what lies behind the stereotypical bitchy, nagging wife? Does a woman consider than any man who would deign to settle for her must be worthless, ipso facto?

The Beast Within All of Us – AMALT

There is no point in getting angry at women for their hypergamic natures. This is an unchangeable, biological characteristic of all women. However, the red pilled men who study the AWALT phenomenon (and how they can exploit it) forget that there must also be a specific male nature. Does it not stand to reason that, just like women, men also have powerful, although different, biological drives? To the extent that AWALT is true, then AMALT is also true – All Men Are Like That. But All Men are not the same as All Women – our beast natures are completely different. Is there nothing to be learned from an examination of the male biological nature: a man’s beast nature? Did not Socrates say that the unexamined life is not worth living? So what is it exactly that all men are like? We are not prone to be fickle and slutty and conniving, like women. Rather, are we men not – at our core – tyrannical, violent and polygamous? In a very real sense, some of those crazy feminists like Dworkin were in fact correct in certain matters. All men are like this, from the grandeur of Julius Caesar, to the snivelling Gollum who fantasises about strangling nasty hobbitses in their sleep.

The Never-ending Battle of Will

Oscar was a fellow of dubious morality himself – maybe that’s why he said this. But I still think he’s mostly correct.

It seems likely that the masculine traits of dominance and violence stem from our sexual polygamous nature, just as a woman’s feminine traits of manipulation, fickleness stem from their hypergamous nature. If so, it all boils down to sex, and although the beast-natures of men and women manifest themselves in very different ways, it all springs from the same sexual imperative.

Consider now that all mankind has two aspects:

Beastly, biological, demonic, material, enslaved


Cultured, enlightened, godly, spiritual, free

I will not say that these two sets of aspects of human nature are in any way two sides of the same coin, or that they form some kind of balance. No. There is no balance, no yin and yang, no pendulum. Rather, there is a constant impetus – an engine, even – driving men and women down, down into that beast-state. It is a constant battle of the individual will to resist sinking into that dark and depraved state of being. This is why Jesus said to his disciples “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me”. This is why Paul said “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves!” Did Jesus say if you just believe you will be saved? Or did he say that your trials would only be rare and intermittent? No! He said take up your cross daily. There is no end to this battle of light and dark in your soul until death. And so, day after day, we must resist that backslide, we must throw our weight against that engine that is driving us to decay and destruction. One of the great bulwarks that separate us from our nasty, brutish and short-lived existence is…culture. It is the manifestation of this self-discipline writ large in Western societies that is the basis of our culture.

Controlled Expression through Cultural Norms

The daily battle against our beast nature is so much easier if it takes place in the midst of a supportive culture. When the biological masculine and feminine imperatives are left unchecked, we descend into beast-hood. When they are moderated by culture, they are termed masculinity and femininity. A healthy culture permits healthy expression of our beast natures, and a culture which either stifles our beast nature completely or sets it loose is unhealthy and will ultimately fail. Men need to express their sexual and violent natures in some fashion, and if the healthy option is unavailable, men will take the unhealthy one.

Consider Julius Caesar and Gollum. Did Caesar not kill many, yet Gollum only a few? Why is one considered a beast and the other a great man? Caesar indulged in those specifically masculine vices of violence and tyranny, but he also operated in a cultured sphere: he was a leader, he engaged in culturally acceptable pursuits, and he was an author. His masculine vices were moderated – albeit in a limited fashion – by his adherence to cultural norms. This is why he is considered to be a great man, whereas Nero is not. Nero is like Gollum: someone utterly enslaved to his base lusts. Gollum was snivelling and pathetic because he was powerless; yet because Nero had power, he is maniacal and bloody. Yet both exhibited the same despotic and violent tendencies of the unchecked masculine beast.

The depths of depravity: Nero uses burning Christians to light the streets of Rome at night.

The courting ritual is a modern example of culture moderating the beast natures and allowing a man controlled expression of his beast nature. A young man first obtains parental approval to court their daughter (social acceptance); they meet in a public place (social awareness), he opens doors for her (physical display and ability to protect), he buys her dinner (financially capable), he leads the conversation (social ability, intelligence), he defends her from other suitors (physical display and ability to protect). Meanwhile, she evaluates him as compared to other suitors and she will respond with marriage if he passes muster. The courting ritual allows men and women to express their hypergamous and polygamous natures in a controlled, limited way. Today, all social norms have been completely removed, and each sex is able to fully indulge in its polygamous or hypergamous nature, enabling descent into beast-hood.

The Old Protections are Gone

An old anti-women’s suffrage poster. Interestingly, the strongest anti-suffrage movement came from women themselves.

Western culture used to be so prevalent and vigorous that it was capable of overriding the beast natures of men and women. Whilst AWALT always has been and always will be true, cultural norms once restricted vulgar behaviour to the extent that men and women did not indulge their polygamous and hypergamous natures.

Unfortunately, liberalism in the West has been progressively dismantling Western cultural norms and religious influence – those very things which make us greater than the dust of which our bodies are composed and protect us from the beast within. Whatever shields our culture once had to protect us from making poor choices, or to mitigate self-inflicted harm due to a moral imperfection, are gone. We stand naked and raw in this battle against our beast nature, with only the strength of our will to protect us. If you are a young man looking for a decent woman who has not indulged in her hypergamous urges, know that our culture is no longer on your side: you must rely on her having a good upbringing and a strong and developed character – things which a increasingly rare nowadays. I will not be so glum as to say that such women no longer exist at all: they do exist, but they are harder to find, and they certainly aren’t found in the nightclubs.

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