Milo Yiannopoulos: Live

Milo Yiannopoulos

I attended the #MiloLive show in Perth last night. If I’m honest I feel a little conflicted about some of the vulgarity but I think the following segment sums up Milo Yiannopoulos quite well:

Milo: “Aboriginal art is crap”

Half the audience: *Cringe*

Other half the audience *Laugh*

Milo: “Compare the achievement of aboriginal culture with what we in The West have achieved. From the majesty of Classical Greek architecture to *pause* the magnificent and seminal piece of 2001 art known as Glimmer with Maria Carey”

Everybody: *Laugh hysterically*

My opinion is that his point is well made. One of the characteristics of art is that you get to judge it and you don’t have to like it. It is a personal freedom to not like all the art you see and if we are forced to like everything then the idea of good art becomes meaningless as without bad art, good art can’t exist. Art must be judged. Milo’s point is that Western Culture is free to judge (Good Classical Greek vs Horrible US Pop Culture) but Aboriginal Art must be appreciated under threat of public shaming. Ergo, to hold on to personal freedoms we must judge and not be afraid to judge badly, even if it is deemed racist.

I think this was indicative of all the major themes of the night.


The turnout was huge. Everyone was very well behaved and I didn’t see any violence or what the left might call ‘Hate Speech’. Nothing that I would identify as ‘scary right’ if I saw it in the street. Nothing that you might prefix with the word ‘mob’ while creating a false narrative about free-speech. There were young and old but the average age was quite young. I’m guessing the gender split was 60/40 males/females. I saw pretty girls in ball dresses, people in MAGA hats, men in Bearing shirts and even some people on what was unmistakably date night.


What protesters? I suppose they forgot about the Christmas Pageant along St Georges Tce when they agree to meet at Murray Street and walk to The Convention Center. Oops. At 7:45 when I went in there was no sign of them but I’ve seen the photos to prove they must have turned up. They had no impact and made no appearance during the show at all.


The left’s idea of Satan came to Perth and nothing bad happened. He was funny, crass, provocative, offensive and narcissistic. Still nothing bad happened. He said everything he came to say and we all listened. I’ll give it time, but I doubt anything bad is going to happen.

Something good happened though. Free speech prevailed!

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I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.
  • CR199

    He didn’t hold back did he?
    Aboriginal art and Clementine Ford as ‘unf***able’ both made my jaw drop a little. Surprisingly he didn’t really talk too much about Islam.
    And I thought he laid on the ‘gay’ 0a little thick. Makes me wonder if there’s something subversive going on there.