The Milo Show Review

Those of you who have bought tickets to or just happened to be on the mailing list for would have been bombarded with news and sales pitches to sign up to “The Milo Show”. The Sunday night before the first show I bit the bullet and handed over 46USD for a one year subscription.

Sign up was quick, the site takes your money first then sends you your account info and a personal link to add to your podcast feed.

What you get for your money at the moment is nothing fancy, you get the video show in chronological order and an audio version you can download with the podcast link. I’ll talk more about the technical stuff near the end.

Having seen a Milo Yiannopoulos live and listened to a dozen or so of his podcasts when he was still working for Brietbart I had a fair Idea of what to expect and have not been disappointed. The show format is a standard radio show lasting about 40-60 minutes with a couple add breaks. Most days he will have a guest caller on, over a video link or just phone and does have the odd guest in studio showing he is the setup and star pull for some quality discussion. Milo being himself is still the same character and you will not be getting a PG13 show. Crude and vulgar is definitely the words to describe the way he goes about making fun of people and engage with his  guests. So if you’re a Milo fan you will be getting exactly what you expect.

Yiannopoulos has a lot of competition in the online right wing political social commentary scene. But Milo has his niche and I would say he is well positioned to serve it. Focusing more on culture than politics keeps the show more about gossip and fashion than what’s going on in Washington. I would say it’s a good alternative version of the days events compared to say Ben Shapiro or Alex Jones to name two out of many. If you had to compare his show to another show I would say Gavin Mcinnes’s “Get off my Lawn” on CRTV is the a similar toned show.

If you watch the Video version you get a solid stream of 720p video, The studio setup is colourful with nick nacs surrounding him. His Audio is perfect and compared to other shows it really makes them sound bad top marks to his sound guy and setup. I have primarily been listening to the show on podcast and as an android user I use Pocket Casts. I just added the custom URL into my feed and off you go. Whatever is using to host their site and content is fast and I have had no issues getting the shows as soon as they come out.

So if your interested head over to sign up and give him listen or you can find some of his shows or clip of them on youtube.


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