Jordan B Peterson’s ideas for conservatism

Cometh the moment… cometh Jordan B Peterson

One of my new hero’s in the world is Jordan B Peterson. I’ve been following his work since he emerged to fight the anti-discrimination legislation that was being put forth (and has since been passed into law) in Canada. He recently made a video on what conservatives can do to improve their political being. You can watch the full video here (it gets interesting at about the 18 minute mark).

So without further delay, here is his guiding principle and his 12 ideas for conservatives.

Guiding principle: Don’t be afraid to be a conservative

  1. Western civilisation is valid.
  2. Value the nobility of the individual
  3. If peace is greater than war we must sacrifice some individuality and embrace social norms if we are to live peacefully
  4. Just hierarchies of competence are better than arbitrary equity
  5. Borders and boundaries are reasonable
  6. There are limits to immigration
  7. Wages and power based on merit
  8. Citizens have the right to benefit from their own honest labour
  9. More noble to teach people about responsibilities than about rights
  10. Radical change should be viewed with suspicion
  11. Government should leave people to their own devices
  12. Compare our society to empirical evidence, not idealistic utopias

What are your thoughts?

About the Author:

I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.