Banal Scientificism

Logic and Christianity One of my favourite Christian thinkers if a fellow by the name of William Lane Craig. He is possibly one of the most articulate and erudite Christian philosophers alive today: his debates and lectures are numerous and are thankfully recorded and uploaded to YouTube for us all to watch. He has spent

Our Beast Nature

AWALT Red pill guys will be familiar with the acronym AWALT, which stands for All Women Are Like That. It means that at their core, all women are essentially the same and are driven by the same animalistic impulses – hypergamy, sluttiness, fickleness. They are ‘All Like That’. The silly beta male who says that

The Milo Show Review

Those of you who have bought tickets to or just happened to be on the mailing list for Dangerous.com would have been bombarded with news and sales pitches to sign up to “The Milo Show”. The Sunday night before the first show I bit the bullet and handed over 46USD for a one year subscription.

Fake news strikes again in Hollywood

Warning: It is only from a sense of compulsion that I am writing this articles. Hollywood is rotten to the core and I'm sure 90% of our reader base has long since stopped believing that the media produces anything but fake news. But here we go again. The Story Many news sites have been reporting

Why do we lose wisdom?

Why do we lose wisdom and make the same mistakes over and over again? It's a big question but I think I can throw some light on it. Truth of right action We crave truth of action. When one acts truly one acts without regret or risk of shame or guilt. One way of looking

Is there a war on The West?

For the last few years I have noticed that groups like The Red Pill have predicted the decline of The West due to some unseen enemy. This enemy seems, like the Hydra, to have many heads. Some see it as feminism, some as global elites, still others claim it to be Islam or even Russia.

The culture of stupidity

  Stupidification / ‘stju:pIdi:fi:keIs@n’ / verb. 1 the act of rendering complex facts so simply they lose meaning 2 the trivialising of complex facts to increase their popularity 3 the progressive lowering of standards to suit a lowest common denominator - https://objectdart.wordpress.com/   This is how to become stupid: Stop making any effort to understand things for what they are. Most things are