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Banal Scientificism

Logic and Christianity One of my favourite Christian thinkers if a fellow by the name of William Lane Craig. He is possibly one of the most articulate and erudite Christian philosophers alive today: his debates and lectures are numerous and are thankfully recorded and uploaded to YouTube for us all to watch. He has spent

Our Beast Nature

AWALT Red pill guys will be familiar with the acronym AWALT, which stands for All Women Are Like That. It means that at their core, all women are essentially the same and are driven by the same animalistic impulses – hypergamy, sluttiness, fickleness. They are ‘All Like That’. The silly beta male who says that

The Evil of Systems

As random thoughts do, a thought about the movie The Hunger Games popped into my head a few days ago. One thing that bothered me about the movies – aside from the overt and ridiculous feminist crap – was the way the government of the capital city of Panem was set up. The Capitol: the

All about self-improvement

Physical Discipline A fundamental aspect of the red pill is self-improvement. This extends to all areas of a man’s life: improving the body, mind, spirit, knowledge, wisdom, social skills, family and society. Many men have come to understand the red pill at a superficial level: they read the manosphere blogs and realise everything they’ve been

What is the ‘Shit Test’?

This article is a rehash of a subject already well and truly covered by the red pill. But for the purposes of building some kind of corpus of knowledge on this website for the benefit of men in Perth, I’m publishing this article nevertheless. Some of this material is purloined from The Way of the