About afterliberalism

I am a right liberal watching with dread as liberalism destroys all classifications and boundaries to eradicate the world of inequalities and discrimination. I wish they'd stop. Please take a journey with me as I find out what can be done about the madness.

Hypergamy: The story so far…

Genetic Proof of Historical Polygamy In September 2014, a study found what many anthropologists and The Red Pill already assumed to be true, that humanity has had more mothers than fathers. The methodology used to arrive at this conclusion was to compare the variances within the genes within the Y chromosome (passed down to boys by their

Why do we lose wisdom?

Why do we lose wisdom and make the same mistakes over and over again? It's a big question but I think I can throw some light on it. Truth of right action We crave truth of action. When one acts truly one acts without regret or risk of shame or guilt. One way of looking

Is there a war on The West?

For the last few years I have noticed that groups like The Red Pill have predicted the decline of The West due to some unseen enemy. This enemy seems, like the Hydra, to have many heads. Some see it as feminism, some as global elites, still others claim it to be Islam or even Russia.

Milo Yiannopoulos: Live

Milo Yiannopoulos I attended the #MiloLive show in Perth last night. If I'm honest I feel a little conflicted about some of the vulgarity but I think the following segment sums up Milo Yiannopoulos quite well: Milo: "Aboriginal art is crap" Half the audience: *Cringe* Other half the audience *Laugh* Milo: "Compare the achievement of

Jordan B Peterson’s ideas for conservatism

Cometh the moment... cometh Jordan B Peterson One of my new hero's in the world is Jordan B Peterson. I've been following his work since he emerged to fight the anti-discrimination legislation that was being put forth (and has since been passed into law) in Canada. He recently made a video on what conservatives can

The Red Pill: Mechanisms – part 3

Intro This is the final article on the mechanisms of one of The Red Pill's biggest theories. Now we see that the system described is destined to systemically turn men into toxic masculinity. The Net Position The table below demonstrates that men's prospects in the relationship marketplace are bleak. Most men that enter the relationship

The Red Pill: Mechanisms – part 2

Part 2: In part 2 of our series on the mechanisms of The Red Pill, we consider the actors within the relationship marketplace; pick up artists, young heterosexual women and beta/omega males. Then we consider the market failure within the system we've already discussed. The Consumer For straight men, the heterosexual female is the consumer in the relationship marketplace.